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Tuesday, 5-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
tamar valley line ~~ bere ferrers...calstock....gunnislake!!

a lovely day b4 d trip!!
nak ujan la plak..
yea2..dapat panjat fence kat marjon!
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another it's-killing-my-legs journey to 3 wonderful places...but this time..we took the train!! ahhahaha...jakun jap..lama x naik ketapi!! huhuhu... but then again...the walk wuz so long n tiring dat it almost took my legs off me!! n i had an insufferable night of aching legs, shoulders n hands!! well..lets juz say...THE WHOLE ORGANS OF MY BODY!!
but of course...d pain was washed away by the breath-taking view...especially of calstock's!!

Sunday, 27-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
totnes..dartmouth..salcombe...all conquered in a day!!!

d only pic in totnes!! ask susu for more!!
dartmouth bank..
bayard cove's fort!
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huhuhu...finally..i got to go to 3 places in one day!!! but oh sure wuz exhausting!! & believe me...i'm never gonna do it again!!

Wednesday, 23-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
exeter's 2nd trip ~~ quayside & underground passages!!

roman ruins
medieval bridge
intentionally tresspasing d private property!!
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there...another side of exeter we didn't get to explore dat day!! n itz far more wonderful!!! i juz love the cherry blossoms!!! reminds me of para-para sakura!! hhehehehe..miss the dance!! i like the underground tunnel as well!! makese me feel adventurous..!!! like i'm in the quest of a treasure hunt ya know...kuangkuangkuang....brangan x habes2!!!

p/s: btw...i accidentally chose d wrong date..!!! itz supposed to be on d 25th march 2005...sorry for d misunderstandings & inconvenience...huhuhuhu...

Thursday, 17-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ni out of story eh...
tgh siap2 nak praktis
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i should call it malaysian nite actually...coz u see...i THINK we were dominating d whole nite wit our stuffs!! but...witout us...d malaysians...d function wud be dull n dead n boring n all those words associated wit it!! hahhhaa...berlagak la plak bunyi nye... xde lar...d nite wuz great!! wit d japanese doing their games (i dunno wotz it called???) n d omaniz...wit their jiggling so-called traditional dance!!! we had d dikir show...n best of all...kurik kundi n para2 sakura!!! mencapap giler kan?? n there's some photos on our practise in d classroom as well!!

Sunday, 27-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
exeter's day trip!! we haunt u!!
in the cathedral!
oouuu...a dead man!!
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gothic exeter!! that's all i can say bout diz place! there's loads of cathedrals for sure!! there's the beautiful northenhay garden too!! n royal albert museum too...which i din get to visit...not yet!! oh...n being the most haunted city in england!! but too bad i din meet wit any ghosts...well maybe bcoz it wuz still daylight! oh...n i know i'll never forget exeter for this one stupid granny who scolded us for taking pictures in the cathedral!! but i guess it wuz our fault too anyway!! thihihihi.. nway...enjoy d pics!!! 0)

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